This week I have the privilege and honor of publishing my first ever Guest Poem! Carleen has written an enchanting and ephemeral poem that will nourish your soul. Don’t just read it once. Read it two, three, twenty times and get something different out of it every time.

Living the Dream

by Carleen Marie

To live in the night forever 
Where the poem of life soars in the dream
And the meeting of words don’t collide
You, me, ours, mine
Where nothing is more and nowhere is seen
They say awake is asleep and asleep is alive
Who is she there?
In the echo of cobblestone steps in the rain
Against the mystery of midnight blue
And the soft cloak sky 
Where there is only the unknown of opening
Another door to see
The magic to peak, to creak, to listen
Like a mouse creeping, crawling
Arms open wide
Toes feeling the wet stone 
She is there
On a mismatched path in the night.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Carleen owns Heart Centered Life. She uses yoga, meditation and insight writing to integrate heart consciousness. She is the author of “Orchid of Fate” a memoir describing her own transformation from head to heart. Carleen is passionate about pure presence in mind-body-spirit. 
Heart Centered Life
Orchid Of Fate