Running in Shadows

Memoir, Poetry, Psychology, and Mental Health


Word of Others: Zoetry

“Zoetry” (Zoom+Poetry) is a collective poem-writing effort from the artists, poets, and writers who attend the “Zoem” online poetry reading.

Words of Others: Guest Poetry

Living the Dream by Carleen Marie

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

My Own Words

Past and present poetry from my journeys through writing, recovery, trauma, healing, and hope.

Some “I Am” Poems

In an online writing group recently, I was given two prompts for writing “I Am” style poems. The first prompt was “I write because” and the second “What are you made of.” Here is my answer.

Summer in Berkeley ’92

A poem about being 13 and learning that everything you’ve been taught is a lie.

An Ode to Hope

A poem dedicated to all of us struggling through isolation and social distancing.

Shadow Poetry

Poetry for healing and recovery.

Haiku from the Shadows

A collection of my Daily Haiku during the #StayAtHomeOrder.

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