Running in Shadows

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Guest Writers

Check out these other talented nonfiction authors!

Contact us at or Anne Davis on Twitter if you would like to contribute a creative nonfiction story, personal essay, or mental health article for Running in Shadows.

Guest Poem: Living the Dream

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

My first ever Guest Poem is from writer and poet Carleen Marie. She writes an enchanting and ephemeral poem that will nourish your soul.

Crisis: A Playlist

My latest guest post comes from nonfiction author Tucker Lieberman. He gives a unique take on handling a crisis, with some unexpected results.

Fixing a Hole

The second installment in my guest writer posts is from new writer Maria Schreiber. She writes about the adventures and challenges of moving to a new city.

About the Other Man Parenting My Kids

The first post in my series of guest writers is from Joel Schwartzberg, about the challenges of your children also being raised by a stepparent.

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