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Frozen Psychology

Welcome to Arendelle

Come with me to the magical kingdom of Arendelle, where we will analyze Elsa, Anna, Christoph, and everyone’s favorite snowman for psychological themes and lessons.

When Will This Make Sense

It might be that one day, when we’re older, this will make sense. But it might not. Read the fifth and final post in the Frozen Psychology series for some answers you need in times of uncertainty.

The Next Right Thing

When we are in a dark place, wondering about the future, lost in uncertainty and fear, all we can do is look at the step we must take in front of us. What do you need to do today? In Frozen Psychology series number four, I tell the story of how I got sober one right thing at a time.

What Can’t Be Trusted

Fear cannot be trusted, but is there a moment when it can? I think there is, as long as we don’t let our fear be our master. My third installment of Frozen Psychology addresses something we’re probably all feeling right now.

Lost and Found

The characters of Frozen 2 have four distinct messages for those feeling lost and longing to be found. Find out your personal message of being found in the second Frozen Psychology post.

Putting on a Show

This message is for anyone and everyone who has felt some pressure to hide part of yourself for the benefit of others. In this first post of the series, I explore my own past of feeling the need to hide my true self while being raised in the Mormon church.

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