Collective poem from the Zoem online Poetry Reading group, July 17, 2020

The Comet Brings/ If I Could Ride the Comet’s Tail . . .

The comet brings Addidas shoes and special kool-aid,
along with Gatorade and platform shoes.

The comet’s done me wrong—
the comet sprinkles pigeon poop on your nachos.

The comet brings aliens who inhabit shimmering saucers,
and take us to Shangri-La—
and when I arrive there I have wings.

The comet teaches me about patience.
This comet paints the new fall of Rome across these stormy skies.
If I could ride a comet’s tail,
this Comet takes my dreams further than they’ve ever gone.

The comet brings dust from the beginning of time
light from our past
guidance for our future.

If I could ride a comet’s tail
I’d whoop & holler, screech and wail,
my boots would kick, my cufflinks flail.
I’d wrap a bridle through it’s mouth,
and steer it ’till it headed south.
You’d hear my brightest words come out,
and then I’d shoot off into the night,
my thighs around that furious light,
I’d do it big, and do it right,
and live to feel the burn tonight.

Everyone set your reincarnation clock:

we are having a reading to welcome the comet back in 6,800 years. reservations accepted.
sign-up here.

Comet can you scrape the sky of the evening clouds as you fly by so that I we can see you!

The comet brings coruscating corona of sensuality.

If I could ride the comet’s tail,
I’d tell a tale to calm the comet,
and commit to trailing the call of the sky.

This comet brings a cleansing,
deeply needed,

She then feathers new seeds of frequencies,
our new human selves coming forth.

The comet brings fire
to the eyes of awareness, stretches necks long
like last month’s paycheck and skims the night’s sleek surface
to drink the deluge
of that keen shimmer.

The comet brought my car to a stop on the side of a highway.
The comet brought my heart to a stop on the side of a highway.

by the Zoem Poets