Something about May Day . . . .

Collective poem from “Zoemonline Poetry Reading Group, May 1, 2020

Something about May Day
makes you feel like Spring could come again;
we are made out of
and a whole lot of will.

Something about May Day
is calling my name
while blooming in embers of change.

We’ve been calling out Mayday!
for over 3 months
and this is the first day its caught up to us!

It May bring flowers, it may bring snow.
We are on a cusp, a cusp of becoming.

Something about May Day
makes me sad, mad, glad, nostalgic.
Sad for the end of April,
and the endless turning on the Earth round the sun
Mad for the summer creeping the temperature up,
trying to take my mild spring away.
Glad for the lilacs and irises arriving.
Nostalgic for the years and years,
before and after,
of springs and summers in barefeet.

May day, May day! Emergency —
we are all in it together.

Something about May
is that it’s the chapter before summer.

May says, Mother May I?
and then June says “Father says I can.”
Maybe in May we may end this mayhem.

Something about May Day
is every shade of green come alive.

MayDay is only a beginning,