<<SPOILER ALERT. Major plot points of Frozen 2 revealed ahead.>>

It’s a theme as old as time. A desire embedded deep within the psyche of every human being. 

The desire to be found.

Which is one reason Frozen II connects to so many, children and adults alike.

The theme of being found is introduced as the movie begins, and we return to the Arendelle of the past. Elsa and Anna, seen as children again, fall asleep to their mother’s lullaby, “All Is Found.” In the words, Queen Iduna foretells of a magical river called Ahtohallan that holds all the memories of the past and answers for the future. 

A place “where all is lost, and all is found.”

Lyrics from “All Is Found” by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez

It’s no surprise, then, that all four main characters – Elsa, Anna, Christoph, and Olaf – experience their own journeys of being lost and found. And each one has a message for our own search for being found.

Pan to present day Anna – happy, satisfied, convinced that everything is exactly as it should be and nothing is ever going to change. Christoph is similarly happy, but dissatisfied with his attempts to propose marriage to Anna. Olaf is preoccupied by growing up, feeling a little lost with the emotions that come with maturity. 

And Elsa is feeling “restless.” She knows there’s something more, but doesn’t want to rock the boat. She’s happy but fights a premonition that she’s not where she belongs. There’s something missing. But how could something be missing when her life is so perfect?

As is expected, Elsa’s ‘restlessness’ doesn’t have long to wait before she’s sent on a journey to answer it. A voice has been calling to her. A voice that asks her to be found. 

Find the voice. Come back home. 

That’s the mission. But it’s so much more than that. 

Elsa – Finding the “One”

Elsa’s journey takes her further and further North, in search of the voice calling to her. Will it provide answers about why she has magic? Will it reveal her purpose in life? Will it be the ‘one’ she’s been looking for? 

At the end of her search, having found the legendary Ahtohallan, she discovers something even more powerful than the ‘one.’

She finds herself. 

Elsa sings the words, “I am found.” And with that, her need to be known, to be found and seen as her true self, to be given direction and purpose in her lost life, is fulfilled.

You are the one you’re been waiting for all of your life.” 

Elsa’s Lost and Found Message is: 
Find yourself. Give yourself purpose. No one else can do that for you.

Anna – Finding Direction

Anna’s journey looks a little different and is a little more heartbreaking. 

She begins the movie with her place and purpose in life firmly established. Her purpose is living for Olaf, Elsa, and Christoph. But Anna is missing her own purpose, her own internal direction. Everything she does is for those around her.

But, as Lieutenant Mattias says, “Just when you think you found your way, life will throw you onto a new path.”

Anna is thrown onto this new path. At the darkest point of the movie, she is alone in a cave. It’s dark, cold, and barren, with only a small light at the top of a steep incline to reveal daylight. She’s in a psychological and emotional cave as well. She’s lost Elsa and Olaf. Everything she’s been living for. Her entire purpose, along with her identity, is gone. 

Then, just when we think all is lost, Anna finds her internal compass and does the “next right thing.” One step at a time, one day at a time, inch by inch and one small choice by one small choice, she climbs out of the metaphorical and literal cave to take the steps she needs to take and become the woman she’s meant to become. 

“Still I’ll make that choice, to hear that voice,
And do the next right thing.”

Lyrics from “The Next Right Thing” by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez

Anna’s Lost and Found message is:
When you’ve found your way, but life send you on a new path, discover a better and stronger version of yourself. Find your internal purpose you never knew was there.

Christoph – Finding Confidence

Christoph’s literal lost journey also mirrors his psychological one. 

His purpose, his guiding star, Anna, has gone off without him. Everything he was sure of is now in chaos. Everything he lived for is now no longer a given. It’s clear in the lines,

“Up ’til now, the next step was a question of how. I never thought it was a question of whether.

Lyrics from “Lost in the Woods” by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez

Christoph knows who he is, knows his purpose. It’s to marry Anna. But now he’s lost. He’s not sure. And who is he if not Anna’s guy?

While Elsa finds herself, and Anna finds her way, Christoph discovers that he was on the right path all along. He really is Anna’s guy, and he doesn’t need her love or assurance to stay the path. He finds confidence and the ability to trust in himself and his love for her.

When the smoke clears and the dust has settled, Christoph assures Anna,
“It’s OK, my love’s not fragile.”

Christoph’s Lost and Found message is:
When you’re plagued by doubt, find a way to rekindle your purpose. Reassure yourself that you really do know what you’re doing, where you’re going, and who you are. 

Olaf – Finding Meaning

Which brings us to Olaf. Ironically, he’s the only character who doesn’t seem to transform, at least in a psychological sense. 

Instead, Olaf acts as the constant. He’s the one that never changes, except in that he is more of his lovable self at the end of our story than in the beginning. While singing his song “When I’m Older,” he faces fear and doubt with his contagious positivity. He believes, in his innocent wisdom, that everything will make sense, that they will all find their way, if they simply wait. 

“‘Cause when you’re older, absolutely everything makes sense.”

Lyrics from “When I’m Older” by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez

Olaf’s Lost and Found message is:
Be grateful. Find the positive. It will all work out, eventually. No need to panic, no need to fear. It will all make sense – later.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We all want to be found. To be known for our true selves. We long to find our way, to be given a purpose that aligns with our true selves. 

Which character’s message do you need today?

Are you Elsa, searching for someone else, when you are the answer?

Are you Anna, looking to others for purpose when your purpose can be found within?

Are you Christoph, having found your way but giving in to doubt?

Or are you Olaf, staying positive through changes and trusting the process of the transformative enchanted forest? 

Whoever you are right now, wherever your place in the journey, know this –  
You are found. You have purpose. You’re not alone.